The End of
The Pier


What is at the end of the pier? Should the typology of the pier come to an end, or has it already?

The End of the Pier* studies the typology of the pier over time. In response, it suggests a neutral structure to house existing and new activities at the seaside, helping to rejuvenate the UK’s deprived seaside areas.

follow this line, from beginning to end, along the pier*

Before the era of low-cost foreign travel, British leisure time was spent along the coast, on the beach, and on the pier. The pier is a building type created to be the icon of the seaside. It is a structure that bridges across the land and sea.

A major cause of the declining numbers of piers in Britain is that holidaymakers are deserting the UK for overseas resorts, thanks to cheap flights. Less and less people visit British piers.

Referencing local deprivation in seaside towns and existing piers, the project challenges the typology of the “pier”, reinterpreting it instead as different lines.

The project proposes a neutral structure, floating in and out from the shore, along the coast. As reconfigurable structures, they satisfy different functions according to the varying conditions of different towns.

The new pier is designed with a space frame roof to add hanging structures and equipment for different events. An adjustable floor panel system, inflatables, and supporting hydraulic structure submerged in the water, are some of its other qualities that allow for variation and customisation.

There are seasonal limitations to the existing typology of a stable pier. With this new system, piers with specific functions can be injected and customised at multiple points in the year.


As a testing ground, the project looks at the town of Jaywick. A popular destination in the 1930s, it is now one of the UK’s most deprived coastal towns with empty and unmaintained dwellings.

I propose 5 alternative seasonal functions for its pier.

Amusement Park

Off-peak seasons, or festivals.
Youngsters, children, family.   



The Garden

Year-round, depending on availability of  seasonal plants. Everyone, especially family and elderly.

Land in Jaywick is not suitable for planting due to the salt marshes and possibility of flooding, so a garden will enable a diverse range of plants to be enjoyed at all times of the year.


The Theatre

Start and end of peak seasons.

Elderly, family.

Light Industry (fishing)
March - Sept
Unemployed / low-skilled workers, elderly, family.



For all, particularly town members, to regain a sense of identiy.

The end of the pier is a line from the land. It extends outwards to provide an experience and destination. It comes to an end in the form of hosted events, such as a garden or a gallery. But it is also not the end, because you must walk back again to the land.