Working in the year 2060, archaeologist Dr. Henry Ngo pieced together his discoveries of different technologies built over the last 50 years. Through his reasearch, he sought to understand the consequences of the twenty-first century Water Wars. The enormous impacts of these conflicts led to the construction of novel infrastructure to solve water shortages. 

By examining the fictional Dr. Ngo’s work in 2020, Henry Ngo questions whether fictional futures could be used to influence decisions about water management today.

According to the World Water Organisation, there is enough fresh water around the world, it's just in the wrong places.

The future archaeological work of the fictional Dr. Henry Ngo is a tool to tell the story of water shortages being caused today by real infrastructure projects. Imaginary future infrastructures respond to the looming water crises that these projects are causing, offering a critical window onto architecture's political dimensions. If we could foresee what might come, would nations take different decisions on managing resources today?